Bête Noire is a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign, set on world called Daear. This website is designed to serve as an information hub for curious players and anyone else who happens to stumble upon it.

The plot elements, characters and locations in my world are unashamedly inspired (i.e. appropriated, borrowed, stolen and modified) by fantasy literature, pop-culture and any other source that pops into my head. I do not strive to be original, just interesting and exciting for my players.


For nearly one thousand years, the Kingdom of Theudemeria stretched across the continent of Clotharia. Then Godfall happened. Something fell from the sky, splitting the land in two. Doomsayers claimed it heralded the world's end, that a murdered god fell from the Heavens. Others claimed it was something else - something older than even the gods themselves, and that it lay slumbering deep beneath the land.

They were right.

For fifty years, it slept in the depths of the Godscar Rift, poisoning the land. Then it awoke. The moment the Great Old One woke up, Bête Noire vanished, taken Below. Whispered secrets claim a pact with the Dead God Who Still Dreams saved the city from...something. No one has been back on the surface in thirty years to find out what happened.

Life Below hasn't been easy. There is no sky - just the roof of Below, a cavern of unmeasured size. There is no moon - just the bioluminescence of fungi. There is no sun - just continually burning magical flame in the city's many lanterns. A decade after the city was taken, it was invaded by the infernal realm of Torment. Bête Noire lost the war. Now tieflings walk the streets, and the Brass Embassy trades in souls - but they do hold the best masked balls in the city.

Life goes on, and as always Bête Noire endures. The city is deep, dark, marvellous, and a fine place to live.
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D&D Basic Rules

Set in a medieval fantasy world, D&D allows you to experience stories and adventures full of endless possibilities and amazing surprises. The Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons is a PDF that covers the core of the tabletop game.

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