The Arcane Cabal

The Cabal first arose three hundred years ago, after the failure of the War of Righteousness to destroy the Black Chalice. Proclaiming the worship of gods as heresy, the Cabal teaches that everything is governed by arcane magic. Even the beings previously worshiped as gods were nothing more than powerful spell casters. Divine magic, the Cabal explained, was simply a corruption of arcane magic used by heretics.

The Cabal's rise to power within Theudemeria was not without bloodshed. The aristocracy was not willing to bow to mages. At the Battle of Sruighlea, an army of mage-knights did battle with the assembled armies of Theudemeria's royal families. The rogue mages and other arcane casters allied with the royal families were unable to match the raw spell casting of the Cabal's mage-knights.

King Uilleam sued for peace, naming the Cabal's Lord Enchanter as his personal advisor. While the king remains head of the Faith of Zedek, it's with an enchanter reminding him of his heresy. Many wonder if the Cabal is the real power behind the Theudemerian crown. They did, after all, orchestrate the peace treaty with Torment. Whispers in the Lower City suggest that the alliance between the Cabal and Torment goes much deeper.
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