Bhraghad Ranulf
The firstborn son of Hirolian hero Bronn Ranulf, Bhraghad spent much of his youth in an orphanage. When he heard rumours that a human city had sunk beneath the surface, he took to the ancient dwarven Deep Roads to investigate. Seeing a city in chaos, Bhraghad does what he can to support the city’s orphanages, looking to give back to the community. In his travels, he came upon a hunting cat. Naming the cat “Kaz”, he was surprised to discover one day that the cat was a human boy.
Orr / Kaz
One of Bête Noire’s orphans, Orr fell in with Gaedren Lamm’s “Lamm’s Lambs”, tasked by the criminal to steal from the more fortunate in the city. Gifted with the ability to shift into animal form, Orr was good at what he did, thinking it was all a game. When he was beaten by guards, and abandoned by the other Lambs, Orr fled the city. Keeping to animal form, Orr’s humanity slipped further and further away. Coming across a starving dwarf in the Deep Roads, Orr took pity on the dwarf, sharing meat with him. Eventually the two formed a friendship, the dwarf christening Orr with the name “Kaz”, the dwarven word for “hunter”.
Encio Ardens
A tiefling inquisitor for the Brass Embassy, Encio has settled in Bête Noire, enjoying the privileges of his position. Devoted to Torment, Encio is good at his job, tasked with learning the truth from the Embassy’s enemies. An investigation into a deviless cast out from the Embassy has put him on the trail of Gaedren Lamm, suspected of sheltering someone illegally trading souls.
Once a priest in the temples of St. Zalera, Kumash’s interest in using necromantic magic to save lives was frowned upon by his peers. Leaving the temple, he instead found a place within the Acadamae’s House of Whispers, devoting himself to unlocking the mysteries of life and death, so that eventually he could conquer death itself and prevent anyone from dying. Rumours that Gaedren Lamm has a necromancer nephew using death magic for dark purposes led Kumash to leave his lab and join with the others.
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