Recent History

Since it's founding, Theudemeria's history has been scattered periods of peace bookended by numerous wars. Over the last few centuries, the kingdom has very rarely enjoyed peace.

The War of Righteousness

For over 500 years, the Imperium of Bael Turath was the military and economic leader of Clotharia. Expansion and costly wars doomed the empire. Desperate to stay in power, Empress Ivania Dreygu made a deal with the devil. With the Black Chalice, she transformed herself and her people into tieflings. Granted immortality, she was able to restore the strength of her empire. Hellknights and Asmodean Inquisitors enforced the law with brutal clarity and vicious efficency.

In Theudemeria, High Confessor Odo de Lagery declared a War of Righteousness, calling upon St. Andraste's faithful to march on Bael Turath and destroy the Black Chalice. The war was bloody, and ultimately unsuccessful. While Bael Turath's capital, Vor Kragal, was captured by the crusading knights, they were unable to destroy the Black Chalice.

In the aftermath of the war, the dragonborn kingdom of Arkoshia was destroyed by Bael Turath. The Faith of Zedek suffered a schism, and the western and eastern churches disagreed on how to handle Bael Turath. While the eastern Faith has maintained peace with Bael Turath, the western Faith has attempted to destroy the Black Chalice more than once, each attempt meeting with failure.

Liberation War

A brilliant, charismatic orc, known only as Schwarzefürsten, gathered together warring tribes to retake the ancestral home of his people. He was everything an orc wasn’t supposed to be. The human rulers of Theudemeria expected a brutal savage, they got something else. With overwhelming force and speed, the orcs broke through the human lines and conquered Theudemeria. King Arvernus I was executed, his corpse put on display.

For nearly a century, the orcs held Theudemeria. Skirmishes were fought between the orcs and armies loyal to the Marquis d'Argent, the king's cousin. Civil war threatened to break out, as the Comte de Tengille rallied forces loyal to the orcs. Theudemeria's nobles were split. Some wanted a free country, others were content with orc rule.

War was officially declared by the Maiden. Mädchen, a peasant girl from Palaven, claimed that St. Saorise spoke to her. The Liberator wanted a free Theudemeria, she explained. Gathering an army, she had numerous early successes, crowning King Tristan XXIII the rightful ruler.

Her fortunes didn't last. The Cabal proclaimed her a heretic, suggesting she consorted with demons. There was no other explanation for how a peasant girl could have so much military success. The Faith surprisingly agreed with the Cabal. High Confessor Funeral, motivated by political loyalty to the Black Prince, had Mädchen arrested, putting her on trial for heresy.

The trial was a political farce. King Tristan's hands were tied. He lacked the strength to stand against either the Cabal or the Faith. With both groups united, he was forced to stand idly by. Mädchen was found guilty and sentenced to burn at the stake. Her final scream of agony heralded Godfall. Vadoksam, the site of her execution, was destroyed; turned into the Godscar.


At the moment that Mädchen died, something fell from the sky. Some called it the wrath of an angry Seven, that Mädchen truly did hear their voices. Others suggested that it was a murdered god falling from the Heavens, recalling Zedek's murder at the hands of Asmodeus. Yet others suggested it was something even older than the gods, an elder evil of the Dark Tapestry.

It didn't matter what had fallen. The land had been torn in two. The king was dead. The High Confessor of the Faith, and the Lord Enchanter of the Cabal had been standing next to him. It was rumoured that the Black Prince himself had been at the execution to witness Mädchen's death.

Human and orc alike found their kingdoms destroyed. The land fell to darkness, with only a few points of light remaining.

Paradise Lost

Two years after Godfall, Theudemeria was still reeling from the death of King Tristan, and the destruction wrought upon the kingdom. The War of Liberation was over. The orcs were leaderless, many of their commanders having been present at Mädchen's execution. Without the Black Prince of control them, the various tribes fell into chaos.

It was from this chaos that a new threat emerged. Iblis, a rebel angel that had fallen after Asmodeus' murder of Zedek, sought to claim a fragment of Zedek's divinity, and with it ascend to Ásgarthr. Deep below the town of Winterhaven, Iblis' agents plotted. An ancient prophecy written by St. Cassius foretold of the birth of a child, born to a priestess of St. Deirdre, who would usher in Iblis' kingdom of darkness.

Maekrix, the dragonborn regent trying to keep Theudemeria intact, turned to a group of adventurers for help. They called themselves White Fire & Brimstone: Daasq Lun, a dragonborn paladin loyal to St. Andraste, member of the Company of Zedek's Justice; Damakos, a tiefling warlock who had forged a pact with ancient creatures in exchange for power; Endrix, a warforged warden given sentience by Godfall, steward of the elves of Tel'Mithrim; Odinar, dwarven cleric, former gladiator in orc slave pits; Tularis, silent human rogue, his tongue removed.

Tempted by darkness, Daasq Lun betrayed the group, swearing his allegiance to the Black Seraph. It seemed Iblis would win, capturing the young priestess Miriam, her infant son, and White Fire & Brimstone themselves. In a dark ceremony, Miriam was slain in Iblis' Cathedral of Blood, her sacrifice powering a Shadowfell gate, allowing Iblis to corrupt the godchild, suffusing it with his dark energies.

Once, the adventurers stayed their hands, unable to slay a child, even if that child was the mortal incarnation of evil. Now that the child had grown into the adult avatar of the Prince of Darkness, there was no such restraint. The heroes were victorious, freeing the kingdom (and in fact the world) from Iblis' threat.

History records them heading into the Godscar, searching for a means of healing the land. From there, no record exists of White Fire & Brimstone.

Raven's Loft

During the War of Righteousness, Theudemeria's southern border was threatened by invaders from Bael Turath. A line was drawn at Rannoch. There, a tactician named Keldor held the line. He gained a reputation for torturing and impaling any tiefling caught on his lands. Whispers claimed he was strigoi, an undead mockery of life.

Centuries later, Rannoch's bürgermeister sent out requests for adventurers to rescue his daughter Ireena, who had been cursed by witches whispered to be loyal to Keldor. Adventurers came: Jack Shaftoe, drunkard, whoremonger, master of the blade; Ezarus Stormcaller, ancient elven scribe, one-time slave to orcs, diviner; Hasdrubal Verkinatax, merchant, gambler, enchanter; Kelsier Vin, noble, former spoiled youth, monk.

Discovering a town overrun with the risen dead, the adventurers waded through draugr and zombies until they were able to put to eternal rest the blaspheme responsible for the undead apocalypse. It was then they met Ireena, and learned that she had attracted Keldor's attention, and the ancient strigoi had plans to make her his bride.

Directed to a Vistani encampment, the adventurers met with an Oracle, one of three in the woods around Rannoch. If the heroes wished to free the land from Keldor they would need to find the Sword of Andraste, a relic destroyed by the mad count centuries earlier. She also directed them towards the Liber Keldorum, a book written by Keldor himself that would likely reveal any weaknesses.

The adventurers were able to recover the Sword of Andraste, discovering that it was forged from the midlight shard, one of the three shards of light given to the mortal races by the Seven after the Elfswar as a promise to never destroy the world. Within the Liber Keldorum, the heroes learned that much of Keldor's power came from pagan rituals that had bound his body and soul to the land itself. Armed with this knowledge they traveled to three fanes, reconsecrating them to Rannoch's patron saints.

With much of his power stripped, Keldor was quickly dispatched by Jack, and Ireena was saved before Keldor could turn her. After Rannoch was saved, the adventurers headed north, drawn by prophecy to the Godscar. It is not known if they ever made it, as the awakening of the Dead God That Still Dreams, and Bête Noire's Descent cut off any knowledge of the surface.
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