The Imperial Faith

Turathians believe in a cosmic dualism between good and evil, light and dark. They believe that the universe, at its birth, was little more than swirling chaos. A primordial soup of infinite possibilities, the cosmos was both everything and nothing. Through some unknown process, forms coalesced out of the chaos, including the planes themselves and those beings later known as gods: Helel is the shining sun, locked in eternal struggle with the consuming darkness of his twin Koshek.

God of the sun and summer, Helel is the keeper of time. He supports those in need and opposes all that is evil. Helel teaches that the energy of life originates from the sun. This light brings strength to the weak and health to the injured, while destroying darkness and evil. He urges his followers to challenge the forces of corruption aggressively, but also to remember that just as staring at the sun can cause blindness of the eyes, relentless attention to the destruction of negative forces can blind the heart to the true essentials of life: kindness, mercy, and compassion.

It is Helel who first taught the mortal races the healing arts. He is interested in healing wounds and ailments of the spirit as well as the body.

Koshek is the living embodiment of evil. He is a twisted, cruel, jealous god who defiles flesh to bring pain and misery. His very existence is a corruption and parasite upon the world. His alien mind constantly seeks new ways to oppress, humiliate, demoralize, and destroy others. While his true goals are incomprehensible, his stated desire is to flay every living thing until the entire world is an intertwined mass of bleeding flesh writhing in pain-livid ecstasy.

Officially - according to the priests of Helel - Koshek has no worshipers, no temples, and no creed but destruction and evil. Those deranged, corrupt, and otherwise evil souls who devote themselves to Koshek agree, at least in part. He has no creed but destruction: destruction of Helel, his temples, clerics, worshipers, and even the world he created and the creatures that inhabit it. The followers of Koshek - not as few as the priests of Helel would like people to believe - do not strive for a world dominated by evil; they strive for the end of the world.
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