Other Sunken Cities

Bête Noire isn't the first city to descend to Svartálfaheimr. The Greycloaks have encountered other sunken cities across the Unterzee. The first to be encountered was Sunderheart. Once the northern jewel of Bael Turath, Sunderheart vanished during the War of Righteousness. Foul magic was always suspected, but even the tieflings of the Funeral City don't know for certain what happened. The Queen of Roses, Abrogal II, continues to rule over the city, centuries after its fall. Queen Abrogal is wary of Bête Noire, fearing a renewal of the Andrastan crusade.

The second city discovered was Cendriane. Legends Above tell of beautiful Cendriane, one of the first elven cities. During the Elfswar, it was the site of the longest and bloodiest battle between the Ljósálfar and the Dökkálfar. Something was awoken within this dread place during the war, and everyone simply vanished, leaving ruins behind. Now the ruins sit empty, as rumours abound that any who enter the city vanish like its former inhabitants. Much of the city has been swallowed by a dark, twisted fungal forest haunted by terrible spectres.

The most recent city to be discovered is Kal'Hirol. An ancient dwarven fortress, Kal'Hirol was built atop a mithral mine. As the mithral began to dry up, the dwarves dug too deep, awakening an ancient shadow dragon, Shimmergloom. The city was abandoned, save for five hundred casteless dwarves. Knight-Commander Dailan chose to stay behind, holding the line for the escaping dwarves. He rallied the casteless into an army, the Legion of the Dead. They weren't expected to survive, but they did, driving off the dragon. Now the descendants of the survivors serve as Bête Noire's primary trading partners Below.

Since its descent, Bête Noire has expanded, establishing a number of villages around the city itself. The first of these was Pilgrim’s End. A farming village, Pilgrim’s End tithes a portion of everything it grows to the crown. Farmers sell excess produce in the Lower City. Havenlost is a small fishing village downstream from Bête Noire. Most of the fish in Bête Noire is caught in Havenlost. The ruins of the Font of Sorrows are located near Havenlost. Once a temple to St. Midnight, the patron saint of magic, the Font of Sorrows was secretly a cult of Vesryn. The temple was overrun with undead, and now sits in ruin.

Two villages sprung up after the war with Torment. First was Traitor’s Hold. A group of soldiers, and their families, upset with the Traitor King capitulating to Torment abandoned the city and founded their own village. The second was Evernight, a commune of peace-loving riff raff.

North of the city, one can find the Gloomwrought. A merciless wasteland of ash and fire, Gloomwrought is home to the Sarrukh tribes displaced by Bête Noire’s sudden appearance Below.
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