Religion in Bête Noire

Before the city fell, Bête Noire was the spiritual centre for the Faith of Zedek, with the Traitor King as the head of the religion.

Since the war with Torment, the city has become more accepting of alternate traditions. Tieflings from Bael Turath have begun to spread their dualistic religion within the city. The Faith is not pleased with the idea that the Turathians consider Darkness to be as divine as Light.

Even dwarves who revere Zedek also maintain their private shrines to the Spirits of the Past. Though they are a long way from Arlathan, many elves still revere the Undying Court. The Traitor King thus far hasn't outlawed ancestor worship, but if he knew all the details of the Arlathan faith, he might.

While their power has diminished since Godfall, the Cabal still tries to maintain their control over the crown. They haven't been too successful of late. Rumours abound of an alliance with Torment.

The most heretical religion practiced within Bête Noire is the worship of the Court of the Daemonfae. With an enclave of dark elves just outside the city, their religion has begun to spread - something the Faith is actively trying to prevent.

Certain maddened folk worship the Great Old Ones of the Dark Tapestry. Given their role in the Descent of Bête Noire, worship of these elder evils is not popular.

The Faith of Zedek
St. Andraste, The Warrior - patron saint of courage, honour, and war
St. Dierdre, The Healer - patron saint of healing, mercy, and renewal
Light, Life
St. Velentr, The Smith - patron saint of creation, blacksmithing, and engineering
St. Zalera, The Judge - patron saint of fate, winter, and death
Life, Death
St. Nehalennia, the Traveller - patron saint of protection, the sea, and travel
Nature, Tempest
St. Saoirse, The Liberator - patron saint of freedom, balance, and knowledge
St. Méabh, The Trickster - patron saint of trickery, lust, and revenge
The Imperial Faith
Helel, the Shining One - god of light and law
Light, Life
Koshek, the Midnight Lord - god of eternal darkness
Death, Trickery
Court of the Daemonfae
Sarya, Queen of the Daemonfae - goddess of night and hatred
Knowledge, Death
Valdruk, the Black Hand - god of tyranny
Tempest, War
Venoch, Walker in Blood - god of murder
Vesryn, Lord of Bones - god of undeath
Other Faiths
The Undying Court - elven ancestors
Knowledge, Life
Spirits of the Past - dwarven ancestors
Knowledge, War
Arcane Cabal - atheist magicians
no clerics
Dark Tapestry - unknowable evil between the stars
none granted
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